What Is A Mine Cut Diamond?

When shopping for vintage diamond rings, you're likely to bump into old mine cut diamonds. You need to have as much information about this type of stone to make the right choice of diamond ring for your occasion.

What Are Old Mine Cut Diamonds?

Old mine cut diamonds were quite popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, and continue to attract attention even today. This diamond type features a squarish shape with soft and curved edges, and you may confuse them with the modern cushion cut diamonds. But you won't mistake their high crown, a smaller table, and larger facets.

Mine cut diamonds are also distinctly different from modern cuts in various ways. They were cut by hand and eye, so you can expect uneven facets and asymmetrical shapes. They may also not sparkle as brilliantly as their modern counterparts, but each of them carries a unique charm.

Characteristics Of Mine Cut Diamonds

These diamonds share some features with some modern diamonds, but they have unique characteristics which include the following:

  • Large Culet: Visible through the table, giving it a unique appearance.
  • Small Table: Obvious when viewed from above, or placed side by side with a modern diamond.
  • Deep Pavilion And High Crown: Mine cuts have a higher crown and deeper pavilion compared to most modern cuts.
  • Short Lower Half Facets: Because of its large culet, this diamond has much shorter lower half facets.
  • Imperfect Symmetry: Since they were cut by eye and hand, mine cuts have asymmetrical features.

How Did Old Mine Cut Diamonds Get Their Name?

The term originally referred to the diamonds sourced from Indian or Brazilian mines that were cut to a squarish shape to enhance their color quality. But in the late 1800s, people began to obtain diamonds from the newer African mines rather than the older Indian or Brazilian mines. The name stuck because these diamonds were cut in a similar fashion to those diamonds from Brazilian or Indian mines.

Are Old Mine Cut Diamonds Expensive?

These diamonds have become rare because they are no longer cut in the old mine fashion. Some collectors may be willing to pay a fortune for stones from different eras, but keep in mind that a diamond's value depends on color, cut, carat and clarity (4Cs). Since the old mine cuts were cut by eye and hand, they may have a lower quality compared to modern cut stones.

Need Help Finding A Mine Cut Diamond?

We at Addessi Jewelers can help you find and determine the value of your old mine cut diamond, so you can make an informed decision before buying. If you need more information on mine cut diamonds, please contact us today.