Platinum vs White Gold

There are factors you need to think of when you are choosing your important jewelry pieces. For example, deciding whether to choose platinum or white gold can be very difficult for you. Here are detailed differences to help you decide for yourself.

The Differences Between White Gold And Platinum

Durability And Lifespan 

Durability is an essential factor because jewelry such as wedding bands and engagement rings are worn daily. One of platinum's strongest assets is durability because of its ability to handle scratches, wear, and tear. This advantage makes it last for generations. White gold, on the other hand, once scratched, the gold coating is scratched away and lost.


Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold. Also, platinum is densest compared to gold. Since a lot of platinum is needed to make a piece because of its density, it is more expensive than white gold. White gold is a mixture of metals, making it more affordable and lower in price than platinum.


Do you know how white gold is made? White gold is a combination of metals. Because gold is yellow, jewelers make it white by mixing it with other alloys such as palladium alloy, which makes it naturally white with a shiny luster. On the other hand, platinum is naturally white and also much rarer than gold. Platinum maintains its color and is not mixed with any alloy.

Hypoallergenic Potential

Some metals could irritate your precious skin or cause an allergic reaction to your entire body. Many metals are combined to make white gold. Platinum is a true hypoallergenic jewelry metal because it is 95% pure. If you have sensitive skin, then platinum is the best option for you.


I know you are now fully equipped to select the best jewel for yourself or someone special to you. We are here to help you make the best decision ever. Please contact us today.