Jewelry Appraisals in Ridgefield, CT

Appraising your jewelry on our premises. Having certification from industry based organizations is very important in appraising your jewelry. The title of Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser of the American Gem Society is a high achievement within the jewelry industry and is an important benchmark when considering appraising jewelry. Your appraisal will be performed by an Independent Certified Gemologist Appraise that we have an affiliation with.

The fee is $150. per hour. We will offer you a FREE quote before we begin the appraisal which usually will be given either the day of your conversation or shortly thereafter your visit.

The appraisal has several intended uses, it will provide valuations for insurance replacement, fair market value and estate purposes as well as enable you to take inventory of these valuable assets.

When you bring your jewelry to us for appraising, we will inspect it in under a binocular microscope, photograph it, determine its materials, weight, workmanship, condition and calculate a valuation. We will provide you a written report, which Addessi Jeweler’s will also maintain on its premises. An appraisal is an important strategy in safeguarding your family’s jewelry assets and most importantly to establish its value and a record of your important assets.

When you make your visit we will be sure to explain all the benefits of having your valuables appraised and help you to sort out the items worth appraising.

Get Your Gemstones Appraised by A Professional at Addessi Jewelers