Live here, play here, shop here.

Live here, play here, shop here

We believe in community and supporting countless local organizations, like so many of our clients who shop here to support many of the businesses. In Ridgefield, you will find a unique charm of family owned and operated businesses. Unlike other businesses, the owners are in their shops and eager to serve you promptly. We build trusting relationships and friendships with our clients. We know you and your family. The Addesssi family and team pride ourselves in working with you to earn your trust. This is the core of our mission since the beginning.

SINCE 1948 it all started in Danbury with my Uncle John with my Dad Rick joining him in 1950 and later Uncle Lou. Together for over 50 years THE 3 BROTHERS partnered and operated 5 stores. Today I have just one store, this Ridgefield location has been were I spent all of my time, since the early 1980’s with Dad, mentoring under him. I am fortunate to have been taught by a gentle giant. Dad and I have serviced some of the most successful CEO’s and top Executives in America, right here in Ridgefield, a town we care so greatly for.

Shop here: Those of you who might live here, play here, shop here, dine and stroll here, we thank you for your patronage and support. We greatly appreciate your support and kindness. Like so many of our clients we hear that you choose to  shop here and support local merchants because you recognize how important it is; for countless reasons. This is your town, yours and our community, let’s make it strong together. Support OUR Ridgefield community.IMG_0813Addessi

While visiting Ridgefield and our Historic Main Street be sure to look into the great many Ridgefield Restaurants shops, historic, cultural and local destinations. Visit here to learn more Things to do in Ridgefield

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